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Personal Training
                                 DUSTY CARTER
                                 802-461-3215 // mvpcarter03@yahoo.com
                                 I strive to better the lives of all my clients through hard work
                                 and dedication. My clients are given 100% of my time and
                                 attention while giving them the tools to reach their goals on
                                 their own time and pace. My passion for the fitness industry
                                 reflects on the individuals that I help. They are happier, 
stronger and healthier both mentally and physically. I take pride in helping others 
reach their goals no matter what they are. 

                                 BRANDI ASH
                                 603-728-8655 // bizzybodiesfitness@gmail.com
                                 As someone who has been through my own weight loss
                                 journey, having myself lost over 100 pounds, I was compelled
                                 to get the proper education so I may help guide others, just
                                 like me, to lose weight and feel great about themselves. I take
                                 pride in my ability to relate to people who struggle with weight 
loss, because my experience and education helps me better understand the wants 
and needs of my clients. I listen to my clients and together we come up with a 
personalized realistic plan to help achieve any fitness goal. I will be there to support, 
encourage, empower and push you to reach your full potential. I am here to guide 
you to successes and aid every step of the way.

                                 GARY GOODWIN
                                 802-243-0100 // ggoodwin11@charter.net
                                 A little bit about what I can do for you and your fitness and 
                                 wellness: I live in Woodsville and have been a lifetime advocate 
                                 of fitness and conditioning. I have trained for many years in 
                                 power lifting and bodybuilding. I competed for several years in 
                                 amateur bodybuilding competitions around New England and garnered my share of trophys and recognition for my efforts. I am a personal and group trainer with many years of knowing what and what not to do in training. My scope of expertise: conditioning (general and specific), fitness, post-surgical, surgical prep./conditioning, competition training (bodybuilding, figure), posture training, critical balance, athletic stretching/flexibility, strength, senior fitness, core and fundamental training

                                 Gretchen Moulton
                                 603-787-3112 // gretchen@gretchenmoulton.com
                                 Fitness has always been in my heart and has most definitely become a part of my soul. In the years that I                                  have been an accountability coach, I have come to know for sure just how important it is to combine                                  fitness, nutrition, and an intentional mindset to gain the lifestyle necessary to make true, meaningful                                  changes. As a personal trainer, fitness nutrition specialist, and group trainer I work hard to assure my                                  clients work within their current fitness level to raise the bar and hit their ultimate goals both safely and effectively. Life experience has brought me to a place where I truly understand the needs and desires of my clients, so I can effectively connect and direct your path. Also, as an educator, I see myself as a constant learner! I am forever upping my ante so that I can always be the very best version of my own self. Lastly, as a Transformation Specialist and High-Performance Coach I can help you become the very best version of YOUR self and take you to levels of your life you have only dreamed about. Let’s get to work eradicating the negative that is holding you back and exchanging it for the positive that can propel you forward.
Your first consultation is free! To set up an appointment please inquire at the front desk. Have a wonderful day and remember, “Be kind ‘cuz you can’t rewind!”

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