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Personal Training
Interested in learning more?
                                GARY GOODWIN
                                802-243-0100 // ggoodwin11@charter.net
                                A little bit about what I can do for you and your fitness and
                                wellness: I live in Woodsville and have been a lifetime advocate
                                of fitness and conditioning. I have trained for many years in
                                power lifting and bodybuilding. I competed for several years in
                                amateur bodybuilding competitions around New England and garnered my share of trophys and recognition for my efforts. I am a personal and group trainer with many years of knowing what and what not to do in training. My scope of expertise: conditioning (general and specific), fitness, post-surgical, surgical prep./conditioning, competition training (bodybuilding, figure), posture training, critical balance, athletic stretching/flexibility, strength, senior fitness, core and fundamental training.
                                MAGGIE DALY
                                603-254-0361 // maggiefitness20@gmail.com
                                As a personal trainer, my job is simple; to help you. Help you
                                learn and grow, challenge yourself, believe in what you’re
                                doing, achieve your goals, change your mindset, and adapt to
                                a new lifestyle. I can’t do it for you, but I sure will be here
                                with support. Through life experience, I have learned how
important mindset is day in and day out. Having a clear mindset and setting intentional goals can have the biggest impact on your overall wellness. That’s why I’m not here to show you the same program as someone else, I’m here to show you how an individualized plan can change your life. Health and wellness is not a one size fits all, so let’s work on finding what works for you! I pride myself on personalization in programs; as well as being available to you whenever you need it. Life happens, and that’s where I come in. My services do not just end when the session is over, they extend for whenever you’re in need. That is the “personal” in Personal Trainer. My job is not just to create a plan for you that looks the same day after day, but to create something you can build on, for YOU!

                                DUSTY CARTER                                
                                802-461-3215 // summitwildernesstherapy@gmail.com
                                Dusty is a US Army Infantry veteran and founder of Summit
                                Wilderness Therapy. He brings with him 10+ years of training
                                experience. He believes in the utilization of soul care, while
                                following the Eight Pillars of Wellness. These include physical,
                                nutritional, emotional, social spiritual, intellectual, financial, and environmental. While bridging the  gap between mental health and fitness, he is able to provide a unique approach to personal training. He is  a certified MMA Conditioning Coach and believes in connecting the mind, body, and soul. His approaches to training includes free movement, strength training, tactical fitness, and mountaineering training. If you are an avid outdoor enthusiast and want to enhance your performance, then you are in the right place! With the use of the mountains, land, and water he can create healing on a whole new level. Wilderness therapy helps with PTSD, anxiety, stress, addiction, trauma, relationships, self-identity, confidence, and promotes healthy coping strategies.